"Going Through The Motions Like a Desperate Housewife?"

For those that don't mind a bit of trashy t.v, they've added yet another team to the "Real Housewives" franchise - this time it's Sydney! One has to wonder how they came up with this winning formula to:

1) Call it "REAL" Housewives, when everything about it, is far from real.

2) Make people come running back for more, when it makes our lives feel so humdrum.

Whether you are a fan or not (or even whether you are a housewife or not), reality shows are here to stay. They are probably such a far-out non reflection of our lives, that it somehow draws us to watch them.

In actual (real life) reality, there are the chores. The packing and unpacking of the dishwasher & washing machines like never-satisfied monsters. The makings of breakfast, lunch & dinner for the household (actually, they are also like never satisfied monsters) and still managing to work (albeit, paid, part time or volunteer) to keep the juggernaut going.

Life can get a bit ground hog so here's a couple of of tips to shake things up. Yes, it means you have to DO them if you want to see change!

1) Give Up The Guilt

Remind yourself that taking a "time out" actually helps you be a better mum, wife, partner, daughter. The better you take care of yourself, the better you can take care of others.

2) Make "me" Time A Priority

When was the time last you felt "like you?" Our titles of someone's mother, partner or daughter brings a fair crack of demands. Go to a park and read a book, make a spa appointment, go and buy something really nice, just for you.

3) Develop a Talent or Learn a New Skill

It's never too late to add something new to your repertoire. How about adding one gourmet meal a week (there are a million ideas on pinterest), trying your hand at an instrument (plenty of free apps for beginners) or trying the learn the basics of a foreign language. Adding a skill like First Aid is probably something you've always "meant to do" - so do it!

4) Make Time For Exercise

Guaranteed to lift your mood, energy and your health - go and find a walking buddy and download an app like Nike Running,even if you're a "ralker" (run/walker). Try a new class that is out of your comfort zone (heard of Muay Thai, Konga or HIIT training?)

5) Take a Vacation (or Stay-cation) Day

You get time out of work, so why not time out of "the mundane"? Sometimes just a little break is all that's needed to recharge, refocus and ready to tackle all the "monsters" with open mouths needing you!

* disclaimer - you know who to call about now, don't you? *

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