Welcome to Our Spa Body Therapy

You can count on Urban Retreat Day Spa to not only meet but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the body treatment services we provide below.

Coconut Cream Wrap

Coconut Dream Wrap $180.00

A relaxing body wrap that will leave your skin soft smooth and supple. 
Definitely, one to try.
•  Full Body Coconut Scrub
•  Coconut Body Wrap
•  Shirodhara Scalp & Hair Treatment
•  Finish with a warm shower


Sapphire Infused Wrap

Sapphire Infused Wrap $260.00

In this amazing body wrap, we use real sapphires crushed down to a powder form, it's silky smooth and is a good detox treatment. The RF mini facelift will give your skin a youthful glow. 
•  Full Body Exfoliation with Body Brushes 
•  Real Ground Sapphires in a moisturising body wrap
•  Mini Face Lift with RF Heat for skin-plumping
•  Finish with a warm shower


Get Wrapped

Get Wrapped $170.00

A body exfoliant with a difference, Urban body brushes will leave your skin stimulated and vibrant. 
•  Full Body Brushing
•  Hydration Body Mask
•  Mini Urban Facial
•  Finish with a warm shower


Strawberries & Cream Wrap

Strawberries & Cream Wrap $180.00

Strictly for relaxation, this wrap feels and smells like the name says. This treatment may leave you a little hungry after, buy hay it is an experience you have just got to have.

•  Full Body Exfoliation
•  Strawberry & Cream Moisturising Wrap
•  Deluxe Face & Scalp Massage
•  Finish with a warm shower